If you have landed at this page, there is a high possibility that you are either a site-owner trying to convince yourself of the benefits of implementing SEO on your new website or, a beginner in the arena of digital marketing trying to get a hold on the importance of SEO, and the role it plays in digital marketing.

Either ways you are at the right spot and we promise not to let you down.

If Content Is The King, SEO Unveils Its True Power

Time and again we have heard of content being the king. But, do you know that content without SEO is but a figurehead?

In fact, good SEO is that vehicle on which comes visibility for the content which makes it the king.

Even before you start getting the first visitor, your pages need to be crawled and indexed by the search engines, most important of which is the Google.

While your content is aimed to attract visitors, it is the SEO of your site that will attract Google, and if the search engine finds your content relevant to a query, it will show your pages in the SERP thus sending visitors (termed traffic) to your site.

But, Wait…There’s More To It Than That!

Apart from getting you more traffic, there is a lot more that good SEO can do to your site.

Here is a list of 5 things that SEO brings to your site which can take it to the next level.


1. Organic Traffic

Most businesses and blogs, at some point or the other, will run online ads to earn traffic to their site.

No doubt that paid traffic shows immediate effect and gets you instant visibility but, organic traffic is the one that sustains in the long-run.

Research by a leading SEO resource center suggests that SEO affords nearly 20X more traffic opportunity than online paid advertising on both desktop and mobile.

This means that even if you’re unable to run your paid campaigns in future, organic traffic will ensure that you have a regular stream of visitors, leads and conversions, as the case may be.

But, to be able to gain that visibility, you have to first be in the good books of Google (or for that matter, of any search engine!).

Google should index your pages for the relevant topics and keywords, and see you as a trusted source of information in your category.

And for that to happen, a robust website alongside quality SEO implemented on the pages is imperative.

Thus, good SEO is that pillar on which a website’s ability to attract search engines and, eventually visitors, rests.

2. Trust and Authority

Another aspect that SEO can influence is that of trust and authority that a domain enjoys.

Just as in real life, the road to gaining trust and authority online, in any category, is long and arduous.

While there are no short-cuts, good SEO of a site can make this journey smoother!

As we detailed out in the first point, quality SEO ensures visibility on the SERP. This leads to increase in traffic.

And if more and more people find your content worth referring to or, what is more technically known as, linking to, you begin to be seen as an authority in that category.

This further boosts your SERP ranking, which fuels traffic leading to increase in revenue.

Image 1: Fate of a website without SEO


Image 2: Good SEO can pave way for Trust & Authority of a web page

3. Enhanced User Experience

Once you have a visitor at your site, what matters next is the user experience (UX).

The ease of navigating through the site and finding the desired information, make up UX which is one of the ranking factors used by Google in ranking web pages.

User Experience though comprises many factors, for the ease of this discussion is limited to serving customers/users information in as few steps as a site can.

Imagine if you had a very important page on your site that had the most relevant content but, was embedded under piles of other pages, almost 7 or more clicks away from the home page. How easy do you think would it be to find that information or, how often would users maintain their patience to get to it?

The answer is obvious, and equally obvious is the role good SEO practices play in serving a fantastic user experience.

A good site structure, an integral part of SEO tactics, takes into account that information finding is a breeze for users, thus signaling to Google that the site is capable of offering superior UX – a factor that the search engine heavily weighs in SERP rankings.

After all, in an age and time when customer preferences and comfort are on the top of the list of all brands, ignoring UX is a sure way to online disaster.

4. SEO Brings Business

Though we mentioned that good SEO practices bring in traffic, there still needs to be emphasis on the fact that not all of this but, some of this traffic will bring you business.

If you run an online store, SEO traffic alone will not ensure sales (more popularly known as ‘conversions’). You will still need to have an assortment of products or services that add value to your customers.

Nevertheless, SEO will ensure that you always have visitors who were searching for your or, products or services similar to yours, online and thus have an ‘unfulfilled need’ or interest that can be pursued.

SEO is one of those channels which when set up correctly, can pay dividends for a long time to come.

5. SEO Offers One Of The Highest ROI In Advertising

Yes! That’s true!

Compared to any form of advertising, either offline or online, SEO provides one of the highest ROI for gaining customers.

As discussed in the last point, the footfall (or, in the online case – the eyeballs) that SEO brings belong to customers who already were looking for similar information or products.

SEO just ensured that you were present when they were looking for you!

SEO thus saved you the entire hassle of having to convince them of the value your product or, service is going to bring to their life.

Thus, their chances of converting into successful customers are very high, with minimal intervention from you!

This is why site owners can reap rich dividends for a long time if SEO is correctly set up.


Whether you are a blog owner or, run an online store or, have any digital property, a robust SEO implementation on the pages can ensure that your content, that you worked so hard to create, gets the visibility it deserves.

Further, SEO is the only tactic that can ensure a sustained stream of traffic and ensure business even when you cease to run PPC campaigns.

New digital trends may rule the web but SEO is here to stay, forever.

If you’re interested on us helping your business improve your SEO score and make your website better contact us and we will help you achieve your goals.